How CROs Can Avoid “We Do It All” Syndrome and Attract the Right Clients

Many Contract Research Organisations (CROs) make the mistake of portraying themselves as able to serve any and every pharmaceutical company. They target the largest players in the industry – Pfizer, AstraZeneca, etc. – hoping to land the whale clients that would be game-changing for their business.

It’s understandable why CROs would go after these huge potential clients. But more often than not, this broad “we do it all” approach backfires. The CROs end up spreading themselves too thin trying to appeal to everyone, and fail to win the big contracts they covet so much.

The truth is, no organization can excel at everything. The most successful CROs are those that identify and double down on their core strengths. Rather than chasing any and every prospect, they define and serve a niche exceptionally well.

So how can CROs avoid falling into the “we do it all” trap and instead attract their most ideal, right-fit clients? The answer lies in thought leadership content marketing. 

Thought leadership entails developing truly unique perspectives and insights on the pharmaceutical services industry. It’s about becoming known as trusted subject matter experts in specific areas aligned with the CRO’s strengths.

For example, a CRO specializing in clinical trials for oncology drugs would publish ebooks, blog posts, and other content on the latest innovations in cancer research and drug development. They would establish themselves as go-to authorities in that niche. 

This focused thought leadership serves two key purposes:

1. It builds credibility and nurtures prospects within the CRO’s niche. When these prospects are evaluating partners, the CRO is top-of-mind thanks to their specialized knowledge and expertise.

2. It allows the CRO to articulate their “why” – their value and differentiation – to decision-makers. The content showcases exactly how and why the CRO can capably serve prospects within their niche.


In essence, targeted thought leadership content helps attract and convert leads that are an ideal match for the CRO’s offerings and expertise. This ends up being a far more effective strategy than trying to be everything to everybody with a vague, diluted message.

The days of CROs casting a wide net and proclaiming “we do it all” are over. Savvy CROs instead wisely leverage thought leadership content marketing to precisely engage prospects that align with their niche strengths and core competencies. This focused approach leads to higher conversion rates, faster sales cycles, and mutually beneficial client partnerships.