Engaging Pharma Customers Through Thought Leadership Content in 2024

A recent survey of pharmaceutical executives provides valuable insights into how CROs can better engage and partner with these customers in 2024 through thought leadership content marketing.

The survey shows most pharma respondents partnered with CROs for clinical trials in the past year and will continue needing support for trials going forward. This demonstrates strong, ongoing demand from pharma for quality CRO partnerships.

However, the outreach approach matters. Pharma executives say they mainly learn about new CROs through word of mouth, events/trade shows, and content like industry articles and whitepapers. They are open to reading thought leadership content from potential partners. 

This highlights a big opportunity for CRO content marketing. By consistently publishing valuable perspectives, data, and insights, CROs can organically get on pharma’s radar and shape positive perceptions.

The research also revealed pharma’s top partner selection criteria: experience, therapeutic expertise, and data/analytics capabilities. Cost was a lower priority. This shows pharma values specialist knowledge and advanced competencies when choosing CRO collaborators.

CROs should develop content that spotlights therapeutic and data science experience. For example, publish ebooks, blog posts, and webinars showcasing successful project case studies in key therapeutic areas. Also highlight abilities around real world evidence, advanced analytics, and AI.

The survey found pharma prefers strategic partnerships to project-based engagements with CROs. Content can nurture ongoing relationships by providing continuous value between projects. For instance, send newsletters or invite key contacts to webinars/roundtables.

Pharma also prioritizes integrated CRO solutions covering multiple development stages. Content that conveys end-to-end capabilities can appeal to this need.

While cautious about economic conditions, pharma plans to tap CROs for real world evidence, data analytics, patient recruitment, and early phase expertise going forward. Content that spotlights solutions in these high-demand areas can resonate.

In summary, high value thought leadership content will enable CROs to engage pharmaceutical decision makers, demonstrate specialization, build trust and credibility, and converter prospects into long-term partners. A strategic content marketing approach is critical for CRO success in 2024 and beyond.